REL 超重低音喇叭  

Specifications 212SE

Type:  Two Front-firing active woofers, Rear and down-firing passive radiator
Active Drive Unit:  12 in., 300mm long-throw, die cast Aluminum chassis
Passive Radiator Rear:  12in., 300mm, die cast Aluminum chassis
Passive Radiator Down:  12in., 300mm, die cast Aluminum chassis
Lower Frequency Response:  21Hz at -6 dB
Input Connectors:  Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, Left and Right Lo Level phono,
                               LFE phono, SMA connector for wireless Antenna
Gain Control Range:  80 dB
Power Output:  1,000 Watts (RMS)
Phase Switch:  Yes, 0 or 180 degrees
Amplifier Type:  Next Gen II Class D
REL Longbow Wireless 
capability:  Yes- REL Longbow™ transmitter [required]. Sold separately.
Protection System
Fully Electronic SETSAFE:  Yes
D.C. Fault:  Yes
Output Short:  Yes
Mains Input Voltage:  220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
Fuses:  7 Amp semi delay 220 volts operation
             15 Amp semi delay 120 volts operation
W x H x D, Including Feet :  17.2 x 32 x 20 in., (436 x 815.5 x 507 mm)
                                                Add 1.75in (44.5mm)
and Rear Panel Controls:  in depth when using Hi Level connector
Net Weight:  122 lbs. (55.3 kg)


低音炮 低音


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